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Everyone needs batteries for today’s modern life, they are present in a wide range of devices, from big to small, from less important to critical.

This is why it is so frustrating when a battery dies, often they cost more than the device itself at the time of its purchase, not to mention how ecologically inefficient and detrimental it is to constantly use up batteries and then just discard them.

This is when EZ Battery Reconditioning course – How to Recondition Batteries at Home course comes in, as the name suggests it is a program that can teach anyone to reuse – recondition – old or “dead” batteries for all kinds of electronic equipment:

  • car batteries
  • computer and phone batteries
  • rechargeable batteries
  • long life batteries
  • batteries for alternative energy system like solar and wind
  • deep cycle marine batteries
  • small electric car batteries like golf carts
  • forklift batteries

Tom Ericson, co-creator of EZ Battery Reconditioning course, used to work at a golf cart company where he dealt with a lot of dead, expensive batteries until he met Frank Thompson who always collected the discarded ones. As Tom was in the process of buying a new battery for his solar panel system, which costs more than thousand dollars, he implored Frank to tell him and show him how to reuse them.

After a lot of finagling Frank finally agreed and it goes without saying that it saved Tom a lot of money. Eventually, Tom and Frank decided to join efforts and make an online course, available to a limited number of people for a limited time period. After all, Frank makes a lot of money out of selling discounted reconditioned batteries.

Tom and Frank Thompson made a unique, easy to follow step-by-step course that will show you, with pictures and diagrams, exactly what you need to do to recondition batteries, and most importantly, how to test your batteries with a multi-meter before the reconditioning. This is a critical step as it will determine which batteries can be restored and which can’t.

All of this can be accomplished by using commonplace items you probably already have in your kitchen or garage.

Finally, you will suffer no risk with this purchase because you will get a full money back guarantee for whole two months. Imagine how many batteries you can recondition and sell during that time, certainly several orders of magnitude more than the cost of this EZ Battery Reconditioning course!

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